Francesca Woodman

I recently watched a documentary on the late Francesca Woodman, I really enjoyed it. Her work seemed kind of creepy or haunted in a way, it made me wonder if that was a conscious decision, if the movie was dramatizing a little bit, or if it just happened to come through in her photographs. The movie, which was called The Woodmans , did indeed focus on the entire family of artists. Francesca’s mother’s work felt so happy and bright, and I thought that maybe the reason why Francesca’s work is so dark is because she was trying to contrast that. Francesca’s work felt very sad and lonely, and I noticed that almost all of her photo’s feature on person in solitude, alone in the picture. I did however like this feeling of loneliness that the photos gave off, in that sense, they reminded me of Gregory Crewdson and Cindy Sherman. I strongly recommend watching The Woodmans, it gives you a great sense of what the family is and was like. These are some of my favorite photos by Francesca Woodman.




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