Francesca Woodman

I recently watched a documentary on the late Francesca Woodman, I really enjoyed it. Her work seemed kind of creepy or haunted in a way, it made me wonder if that was a conscious decision, if the movie was dramatizing a little bit, or if it just happened to come through in her photographs. The movie, which was called The Woodmans , did indeed focus on the entire family of artists. Francesca’s mother’s work felt so happy and bright, and I thought that maybe the reason why Francesca’s work is so dark is because she was trying to contrast that. Francesca’s work felt very sad and lonely, and I noticed that almost all of her photo’s feature on person in solitude, alone in the picture. I did however like this feeling of loneliness that the photos gave off, in that sense, they reminded me of Gregory Crewdson and Cindy Sherman. I strongly recommend watching The Woodmans, it gives you a great sense of what the family is and was like. These are some of my favorite photos by Francesca Woodman.




Editing One Picture Three Different Ways

This was one of my favorite photo’s from a photo shoot I did recently, I enjoyed editing it three different ways.

ISO 200 – f/5.6 – 1/200 sec – 55mm