Jonas Bendiksen

I’m leaning towards officially announcing that my favorite photographer of the 35 Magnum Photographers I looked at  was Jonas Bendiksen, but it’s not quite true. All 35 Magnum photographers were so talented and creative, and within that group the six that I chose as my favorites I was especially taken with. It’s impossible to choose a favorite photographer out of this group,it ws overwhelming just how many picture I loved looking through them all. However, for this particular assignment, I have chosen to write about Jonas Bendiksen.


This picture was the picture that originally caught my eye, it was the picture chosen as the cover of his portfolio on the blog. At first glance it’s just such an interesting picture. You wonder what it is they’re standing on, and what are those white things in the air. This picture confused me at first because the white things floating around looked like snow which contrasted with the foliage in the rest of the picture. I love all the color in this picture. I liked the metal structure, the shape of it and the way it was dented in on itself in interesting crevices. I was also drawn to the people in the picture, their posture gives a sense of casualness to what is such a bright and busy picture. I later read that the people in the picture are collecting scrap metal from the the metal structure which is actually a crashed space craft, and the white flakes are butterflies.


I liked this picture immediately when I saw it because it’s so geometric and had such a nice rhythm. To me it gave off a sense of claustrophobia and crowdedness, which I found very interesting. This picture seems like the kind of picture you could stare at forever if it was blown up very large and you could see better detail in each apartment. The messiness of the picture from all the stuff hanging over ledges and out windows, adds to the feeling of being crowded. These apartment blocks have apparently been homes to communities of squatters since the 1950’s, which I thought was a bit ironic seeing as that gives off a very crowded image as well.


This picture was definitely my favorite of his, I thought it was really just amazing. I love the surreality of it, it’s really quite an odd picture. It reminds me of a different picture I saw in Aperture. When I look at the picture, although they’re in the background, the mother and her stroller are really the focus of the picture. The fact that they’re the darkest thing in the picture gives off almost a creepiness. I loved the water, the mountains, the grass, and the fog. It was like a bunch of very different layers that are all beautiful in different ways. The girl playing in the field gives off a feeling of happiness and playfulness, which helps the picture feel less eerie. When all the pieces are put together, I think this photo is just very strong and very powerful.


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