The Backyard, Take 2

The backyard was photographed at different times throughout the day. I observed that the photo sessions taken during the sunniest part of the day were much harsher than the ones taken in the morning and the evening. I think this was probably because when the sun was at it’s brightest it was reflecting off of a lot of surfaces which created glare in a lot of the pictures. Contrast was much stronger in the daylight pictures as well. This was due to  the camera trying to compensate with the harsh light of the day, the shadows and highlights were much more prominent in the daylight pictures. As it got darker and the sun started to set, the glare went almost completely away, and the colors and contrast softened. The pictures in the evening and morning had much duller colors and were not as bright in general, they had a softness quality that I was not able to achieve with the daylight pictures. In general I favored the evening pictures over the afternoon pictures, once the fog started to come in for the night the pictures started turning out much softer and were much easier to work with in Lightroom. The pictures have been posted so that it gets later in the day as you scroll down.



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