Flakeboard Manufacturing Plant

When you step onto the grounds of what used to be a functioning factory on West End Road, it’s hard to believe how much a building, that was once built to be a reliably sturdy structure for factory workers, can fall apart in just a year and half. When I was walking through the ruins it felt like I was in a ghost town. Looking around, even though there was so much decay through out the ruins, it felt as though there could have been people working there yesterday. There was rusty machinery everywhere and wood fed halfway through saw dust maker things. I don’t really know what those are called, but it felt as though one day the 69 people that had worked there just got up and left, and nothing had moved or been touched since then. When I came to the somewhat entrance of the factory there were large wooden pillars sticking up as what appeared to be the frames of a building. It reminded me of the marble pillars in front of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Washington. When I got into the actual buildings insides it felt like I was in a movie. It was an enormous room and there were broken windows and occasional puddles on the floor that had constant water dripping through the ceiling. You could hear the water and the building as a whole. It was like it was sighing, like it was sad that it had been left behind. It was quite eery and I felt like if I had seen it in a scary movie I would have rolled my eyes and said that no one actually leaves buildings like that. Even though the building was falling apart it was beautiful in it’s own way. I’ve driven by the building many times with my grandmother and she always comments how awful it looks and how it’s so ugly and decayed. I like it though because it tells a story and I think that makes it beautiful. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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